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Manifesting & Spiritual Cleansing Candle

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**Option to add 1-2 crystals to the candle as a keepsake to carry the candle's energy with you** (1 bigger crystal or 2 smaller crystals will be added if selected)


This handmade candle is used for manifesting rituals, cleansing your space & self from negativity, healing from mental and emotional wounds, and to connect with yourself spiritually.

*Ideal for meditation, moon rituals, & journal writing*

It is made with the HIGHEST quality of herbs for manifesting, healing & cleansing.
Each time you light this candle, set your intentions for manifesting and how/where you need healing, cleansing in your life. **If you are using this for a certain person, be sure to say their name while you are lighting it**
You can begin lighting the candles by saying: "I am manifesting ____ in my life." (be specific)

*Never leave candles burning unattended, near flammable materials or while you are sleeping.*

3oz jars



***Candles take 2 days to make before being processed & shipped***