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Life Coaching - Individual Plan

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Your initial session will include detailed tarot reading based on your responses from your questionnaire. Each session thereafter will include a follow up tarot reading to track your progress.


This is PERFECT for those who want to:

-transform their mindset on how you view YOURSELF (confidence, self-esteem, etc)

-No more thinking, "why can't I get do anything right?" "why am I like this?", "I wish I was as ____ as they are"

-transform how you navigate and set boundaries in relationships (romantic & non-romantic) 

-No more staying in DEAD end relationships and letting him/her walk over you and verbally abuse you. No more putting you feelings on pause because you have to walk on eggshells around that person!

While working together, you will (re)discover your VOICE, embrace having a MIND OF YOUR OWN and leave each session feeling EMPOWERED to LOOK FORWARD to what lies ahead for YOU!

Together we will ensure that you transform into a new & improved version of you.



With this coaching plan you will schedule it as often as you feel you need it. This is perfect for those who like to decide week-by-week how they're feeling to determine if they should book a session or not.

I recommend 2-3 sessions a month to closely monitor your progress and to actively see changes in your mindset + lifestyle. However, you schedule how you see fit.

Once this plan is ordered, you will receive a welcome email and I will send over my calendar for you to schedule your first session. 


In order for your transformation to occur, you MUST BE WILLING to put in the work OUTSIDE of our sessions!!!