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Life Coaching 4-Week Program

Life Coaching 4-Week Program

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With this 4-week program, I'll become your accountability partner. 

This plan is STRICTLY for those who aggressively need change in their lives and are serious about their personal + life transformation. 

Together we WILL:

-Transform your mindset on how you view YOURSELF (confidence, self-esteem, etc)!

-No more thinking, "why can't I get do anything right?", "why am I like this?", "I wish I was as ____ as they are." !

-Transform how you navigate and set boundaries in relationships! (romantic & non-romantic) 

-No more staying in DEAD end relationships and letting him/her walk over you and verbally abuse you!

-No more putting your feelings on pause because you have to walk on eggshells around a person!

Be mindful that in order for your transformation to occur, you MUST BE WILLING to put in the work OUTSIDE of our sessions!!!


Once I receive your order, I will send you a link to my calendar to schedule your 4 sessions over the next 4 weeks and you'll be prompted to fill out this questionnaire.

You choose! Your first session can include a Spirit tarot reading, reiki energy cleansing, -or- a human design reading.

**Bonus** If you have some good news to share, have a conflict arise, or you're having an off day and you need to decompress. Feel free to shoot me a quick text and we can chat in between sessions.

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