About Me


Hi! I'm RavenLani aka The Mystical Mama!
Long story short, I began my spiritual journey, with crystals, in 2017 & picked up my first tarot deck in Dec. of 2018. At one point in 2019, I realized that I needed to focus more on my journey & inner healing so I took a hiatus of reading for others.
Just like other journeys, I've had my hills and I've def had my valleys. I honestly feel that my valleys is what truly shaped me to be the best healer I can be. Seriously, how can you help heal if you've never been hurt?
2020 came around & I knew I was 1000% ready to help others heal in their journeys and I knew the best way for me to do so was through tarot reading.
With that being said, with every reading you receive from me, it'll be straightforward, no sugarcoating. I'm not here to sweet talk you, I'm here to help upgrade and elevate your life.
As long as you acknowledge the guidance I deliver, you will be upgrading in no time!
Feel free to let Spirit guide you throughout my site!

Love & Light,